Spare Parts

Our quality objectives are set to a high standard as we strive for exceptional customer satisfaction, zero customer complaints and zero non-compliance.

We provide our customers with an alternative solution to the engine makers in providing OEM spares offering cost savings without compromising on quality. We endeavour to support our customers for all engine types, old or new.

A Majestic Engineering professional is wearing gloves while holding a turbocharger spare part.

Spare Parts & Service Kits

We are able to satisfy any need for high-quality spare parts for turbochargers across the globe thanks to our efficient logistics system. Our parts are distinguished by the highest OEM quality standards at reasonable prices.
An image of a turbocharger spare part by Majestic Engineering.

Complete Diesel and Gas Engines, complete Turbochargers and Engine relevant Systems

Order complete rotors and cartridges, gas inlet and outlet casings, air inlet and outlet casings, diffusers, nozzle rings, cover rings, broached shafts, turbine blades, compressor wheels, bearings, pumps, sealing bushes, speed sensors and silencers.
A turbocharger spare part engraved with "quality control" reflects Majestic Engineering's commitment to superior service.

Quality Control & Warranty

All Diesel and Gas engines that enter our workshop undergo a series of detailed and documented inspections to ensure the highest quality standards. Parts are supplied with either a 6-month or 12-month warranty depending on the parts.