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We are an indispensable partner in the field of turbochargers for combustion engines and turbines in the marine, power, mining and rail industries, offering our clients transparent, reliable, and timely solutions at great value for money. 

As a specialist and development partner, we are committed to delivering the perfect solution for reducing emissions and increasing efficiency, routine maintenance, dry-docking, emergency breakdowns and repairs or complex troubleshooting.

A turbocharger at Majestic Engineering undergoes meticulous overhaul inspection.

Turbocharger Overhauling & Retrofitting

We provide a complete range of cost-effective, high-quality and optimal steam turbine service solutions to global standards, catering to PCG, SCG, Captive Powergen and Utility. Our experts are committed to helping you 24*7 to maintain and safeguard your assets over their entire lifecycle.
A technician ensures balance in turbocharger components at Majestic Engineering.

Dynamic Balancing / Glass Bead Blasting

Ensuring that there is no imbalance of each individual rotating component protects against burnout of the bearings, seals and thrust collar due to off-balance non-parallel rotation. The turbine shaft is checked for straightness and wear, and a bead blast finish will clean your part’s surface and improve the overall performance.
A Majestic Engineering technician in safety gear is re-blading turbocharger turbine rotors.

Re-blading of Turbine Rotors

The damages and normal wear caused to the turbine blades as they are exposed to exhaust gases include fractures, pitting, rubbing, cracks and sulphuration leading to a major decrease in the supercharging efficiency and the engine efficiency itself.
An image shows turbocharger shafts and blades under repair at Majestic Engineering.

Shafts & Blades Repair

We are able to restore turbine shafts and journals to their original dimensions through buildup followed by machining and grinding. Laser cladding V and lol HVOF achieves strong bonding, making our repairs reliable and safe.
An image of a turbocharger highlights housing repair methods at Majestic Engineering.

Specialised / Emergency Repairs of Housings

We are able to assist with interim or permanent (dependent on the area of damage) repairs for broken housings through metal stitching, cast iron welding, machining and inserts.
An employee reviews Majestic Engineering service contracts on a digital tablet.

Service Contracts

For your ongoing maintenance and needs, we can support you through transparent service agreements. Each job has its own service report, detailing and outlining our findings and actions taken.

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We provide turbocharger services for the Marine, Power and Rail industries.
Yes, Nouum offers insurance on high-risk jobs so our customers never have to worry about paying the price for faulty parts down the line.
Yes, we can perform turbocharger retrofits.